The Five Main Temperament You Must Know

Knowing your personality and learning that of others is relevant in our everyday interactions and building of happy lifestyles.

The study of people and their various temperament is very fascinating. The theory of Proto-psychology bring to light four basic temperament in humans such as snowflakes have different designs so have people been given distinguishing qualities of uniqueness, the theory however suggests that everyone is a curious mixture of weakness and strength. Every individual has inherited a distinct temperament predominantly choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholy with a combination of traits from two or more groups.

The rational for this post is to help readers know where they fall under the theory and strategist to master best ways of relating with other people in their neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and other places they may find themselves. Let’s take a close look at the temperaments in more details.

The Sanguine

People with sanguine temperament are often warm and fun way type, buoyant and lovely. They are mostly the popular easy going type. Their feelings mostly predominate to take decisions rather than reflective thoughts and consciousness.

Like any other temperament, sanguines have their strengths and weaknesses. For strength, they are compassionate, enthusiastic, warm, friendly, outgoing, talkative. The opposite is also real, for weakness, they are lousy, exaggerative, restless, undependable and mostly indiscipline. For the job maker, they predominantly rise to become the entertainers, presenters, news readers, DJs, and many more.

The Choleric

People with choleric temperament are the hot, active, practical and strong willed personalities dreamers and passionate about activities that matters. Often self sufficient and very independent. They are decisive and opinionated, finding it easy to make decisions for themselves and for other people. To them tackling problems head on is their hallmark. Often domineering and bossy. They believe in using people to accomplish task. Like the sanguine, choleric personalities have both strengths and weaknesses. Their strength seems to dominate and mostly make the best out of life which includes; strong-willed, optimistic, confident, leaders, decisive, practical, independent, determined and the like. Their weaknesses may include; quick tempered, cruel, sarcastic, crafty, self-sufficient, bossy, inconsiderate, and many more of such. In the job market, they rise to become producers, inventors, builders etc.

The Phlegmatic.

Yeah! Those in this category are cool, calm, slow character personality. They are mostly down to earth, well-balanced, easy going temperament and hardly get ruffled no matter the circumstance. The down-side of this temperament is that, they tend to be spectators in life and try not to get too much involved in the activities of others. They make fewer friends or no friends at all. They will generally not take leadership roles on their own but deliver when given the mandate. Their strengths include dependable, diplomats, humorous, conservative, efficient, calm and many more. The negative aspect of their lives include; stingy, lazy, fearful, indecisive, spectators, self-protective and unmotivated.

The Melancholy

People with this type of temperament are usually perfectionists. The melancholic temperament is fundamentally cautious, conscientious, analytical, self- sacrificing and gifted with a very sensitive emotion. They are mostly susceptible to depression and moodiness. They often prefer to do things themselves to meet their standards and that of others, prove to be very faithful and dependable friends even though they hardly make friends. Their strengths include; giftedness, analytical, sensitive, perfectionist, aesthetic, idealistic, loyal, confident, calm, self – sacrificing and many more. On the weakness side, people with a melancholic personality may become close – minded, dogmatic, moody, impractical, unsociable, revengeful, rigid, insensitive, stubborn and the like. In the job market, they usually rise to become professors, philosophers, inventors, artists.

The theory of the four basic temperaments may not be perfect, and no concept of man is, however, it does help the average person to examine their individual traits and those they associate with for better coexistence.


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